Statistics for (Micro/Immuno) Biologists


This book is designed for UG/PG students and researchers working in microbiology or immunology and related areas of biology.

My group is based at the Imperial College’s Centre for Bacterial Resistance Biology, previously known as the MRC Centre for Molecular Bacteriology & Infection or MRC CMBI.

I wrote this book and related workshops for teaching statistics to students on the MRes in Bacterial Pathogenesis & Infection. This book includes a basic introduction to statistics and code in the R programming language.

Understanding these basic concepts can help in the design of experiments in the laboratory by carefully thinking of protocols, controls, reagents and so on.

I also created the grafify package (CRAN link or GitHub repository) that is like a ‘user interface’ to several important R packages. grafify uses simplified code for plotting graphs, ANOVAs and post-hoc comparisons, including mixed effects linear models. Detailed user guides on the vignettes website.

Created Sep 2020, Last updated: 13 January, 2024